Who needs QDocs?

Have you ever spent 15 minutes searching for a single document, presentation, bill, email, picture or any other kind of information saved somewhere in your computer ?
If yes then you need a DMS (Document Management System) like QDocs.

What kind of documents can I use it for?

Start from the basic : All of your Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook Emails.
Then move on to Adobe Acrobat files, Autocad files, ebooks, Images and videos,
Simple Notepad files, Visio and Publsher files, Zip and Rar archives.

What about if I want to store information that cannot be covered by QDocs?

Select your file or files, Zip or Rar them and then import them to QDocs. You can archive anything that is in electronic format.

Is the single user version completely free?

Yes it is completely free. You can use it on a single computer as long as you like. It cannot be used on a network environment. We do not provide free support for the single user version. You can use of course our support/common problems page or buy support from us according to your own needs at a very competitive price. Please contact us using the contact form : Contact us

Can I convert my single user version to multi user?

Yes, we can assist you converting from single to multi user. All your existing document will be transferred to the new multi user version.

Can QDocs take advantage of the cloud?

QDocs can be setup as hybrid. You can use it in your home, office or organization locally in your Server or Personal Computer. You can also decide to have your documents stored on a cloud space like OneDrive.

I don’t trust the cloud. What do you offer?

You can use QDocs securely behind your firewall. Your data are safe as long as your infrastructure is safe. Database and documents are store in your Windows or Linux server. You decide how to give access to those documents according to your own policy rules.

I already have a large number of documents in my computer, what about those?

We have prepared a mass-import utility that can import your documents into QDocs.
Information like the original document name, existing folder name, path of precedents folders etc., are imported into QDocs. You can later search your document using keywords from the imported information.

What versions of Microsoft Office do you support?

We support Office 2003, Office 2007, Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office 2016.

How can I give my users’ access to QDocs while they work away from our office?

QDocs can work on a Citrix or Remote Desktop Server. Your users can use their Windows, MAC, or Linix laptops or tablets to remotely login and access their documents. We can also specify custom solutions like accessing documents from phone via various ways.


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