So far, the only integrated QDocs function with Word that was mentioned was the “Save” function. This however is not the only instance of QDocs integration with Microsoft Word. More QDocs options are available to the user through the main menu of Microsoft Word

File Options

To access these options click on the “File” option of the main menu of Word and then select “Other Options”

The selection of “Other Options” will bring up a dialogue box listing a number of functions available to the user. These are as follows

  • Copy current document to a new document: this option creates a new document, which is a copy of the current document but has a different QDocs reference number. This is the same as the “copy” function available from within QDocs
  • Word Save As…option: this option allows the user to bypass the QDocs “Save” procedure and save the document outside the QDocs database
  • Remove Password From Document: it removes the password if there is one
  • Set New Password to Document: allows the user to set a password for the document. The user must first save the document under QDocs in order to set a new password


Insert Document From Echo Directory: The QDocs Echo Directory is a directory that is local to every QDocs user and holds a copy of all the documents that the user has ever created under QDocs. Here the user will be prompted to enter the QDocs reference number of the document he/she wishes to import into the current document

Insert/Delete QDocs Reference Number

To access these options click on “Insert” on the main Word menu . These two options (QDocs Insert Ref No, QDocs Delete Ref No) allow the user to insert or delete the QDocs reference number from the footer of a QDocs document. These options are effective only when the document that they are applied to is a QDocs document