Quick Searches

The function of “QSearches” (Quick Searches) allows the use of standardized templates of search criteria. This is particularly useful when a user tends to select certain search criteria more often than others. In this case the user instead of having to re enter the same search criteria one by one over and over again he/she simply clicks on a saved “QSearches” template. But first let us see how the user can create these templates

  • Click on the “Search” button to bring up the “Search Criteria” dialogue
  • Enter the appropriate information in one or more fields of the dialogue
  • Click on the “Save As” button. This will bring up the “Save Criteria” dialogue” (see Figure 6.1). In the description box enter a few words that best describe the search you are conducting. This will become the name of the “QSearch” template

After filling in the description click on the “Save” button. This creates a ”QSearch” template. In the example  we have created a “QSearch” which brings back all the documents for the client “ABS Marine Services”

Close all windows and click on the QSearches button. This brings up the QSearches window, which contains all saved searches.
The search “ABS Marine Services docs” is saved under QSearches. By double clicking on this icon we can bring up all the documents related to this client.

Creation Of New Documents From Within QDocs

To create new documents while in QDocs, click on the “New Document” button on the main toolbar menu. This will open up the “New Documents” window containing blank templates for a number of applications including all Microsoft Office applications

To create a new document of any type the user has to double click on the appropriate icon. By doing so the “Profile of New Document” dialogue opens up (see Figure 6.6) prompting the user to create a profile for the new document. The procedure here is pretty much the same as when registering a document into QDocs. Upon filling the details and pressing the “Create” button a blank document of the chosen application opens up. This document will already have a unique QDocs reference number


Importing Documents Into QDocs

To import a document of any type from any location (floppy disk, network location, hard disk) into QDocs click on the “Quick Import” button on the main toolbar menu. Use the explorer dialogue that opens up to locate the document that you wish to import into QDocs. Once you have selected the document you wish to import click on the “Open” button. This will bring up the familiar “document profile” dialogue. Enter the required details and press the “Quick Import” button. The selected document will be imported into QDocs and will be given a unique reference number. This document will now be available to open from within QDocs

Mass Importing Documents Into QDocs

In the cases when we need to import a large number of documents into QDocs, whole folders for example, click on the “Import” option on the main menu and then select “Mass Import”

This will bring up the “Mass Import of Documents” dialogue (see Figure 6.11). Use the dialogue to select the folder containing the documents you want to import. Select all the files that the folder contains. Fill in the fields of the “profile pane”. The selected files will have to have a common profile. Leave the description field blank. QDocs will use the filename of each file to be imported as its description (make sure you select this option). Press the “Import” button. QDocs will start importing all the selected files giving each one of them a unique reference number. QDocs will ignore types of document that `does not support without interrupting the importing process. In the end of this process will notify the user which files have not been imported