Searching for a Document

A search for a QDocs document can be conducted either from within the QDocs application itself or from within the application that the document was created in.
While in Word we can search for a document saved under QDocs by pressing the “Open by Reference” button on the toolbar menu (see figure 2.1)

Upon doing so a dialogue box opens up asking the user to enter the QDocs reference number of the document he/she is looking for (see Figure 2.2). Once the user enters the reference number and presses the “ok” button QDocs searches and brings the document forward. This method requires the user to remember the reference number of the saved document. For this reason this method is not as flexible as searching for a document from within the QDocs application. In that case the user has a greater number of search criteria at his/her disposal. In both cases the user does not have to be concerned anymore with the location of the document or file he/she is looking for.

Let us assume for the sake of this example that the user only remembers the client the document is related to. In this case the user opens the QDocs application (by double clicking on the QDocs shortcut on the desktop) and presses the “search” button found on the main menu toolbar of the application (see Figure 2.3)

Upon pressing the “Search” button the user is presented with a dialogue featuring a number of different criteria (fields) that can be used (individually or in combination) to conduct the search